Mrs Mohamed (Executive Head Teacher) and Mrs Bani (Pastoral Lead) met with all new students who have joined KD since September 2021 in years 9 – 10, also present was Mr Hafeez (Trustee).

The purpose of the meeting was to seek students views on how well they have settles in school, how well the school has supported them to settle in and what improvements could be made to the service.

Mashallah all students gave very positive feedback and were confident, they enjoyed the refreshments provided and appreciated the opportunity to be able to express their views in a warm and relaxed atmosphere.

“I found that this session was very helpful to let us express how we felt about our setting into the school. It is very nice and supporting for the teachers to sit us down and talk to us about how we feel. It was nice to hear other people’s view.”


“In this session, I got an in-depth background of fellow colleagues and the purpose of the school. I know have another reason to be happy waking up to go to school. As the school slogan says ‘Teaching future leaders’ they are teaching us to become proud Muslim leaders under influence of amazing teachers, which gives me so much pride to be at this school.”

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