Our aim is to create a caring warm Islamic atmosphere within which pupils can feel safe, healthy and happy, enjoy learning, achieve and succeed, be able to contribute to their school and society and so be prepared for a life in the 21st century.

By providing stimulating and differentiated work, setting tasks and goals that are achievable to all, we aim for all pupils to make significant progress in knowledge, understanding and skills; in attitudes and values, as social beings and as lifelong learners.

Through the teaching and practice of Islam, in the light of the Qur’an and Sunnah, we aim to help our pupils to develop a love for Allah (SWT) and confidence in their identity as young Muslim men. We hope, Insha’Allah to maintain close co-operation between the School, Parents, and the wider community.

Our family of schools in the Manchester Islamic Educational Trust:

Hartley Hall, Alexandra Road South, Manchester, M16 8NH

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