School Uniform


The school uniform plays a crucial role in emphasising the ethos of the school. It promotes good behaviour and order, cohesion and also sets an appropriate tone for the school. All pupils are expected to abide by the school rules on appearance and uniform – this includes their journey to and from school. The home-school partnership is essential in achieving high standards in this area.

Objectives of the policy:

Pupils are required to wear the school uniform because:

  • It encourages pupils to take pride in their own appearance,
  • It enables pupils to have a sense of belonging and pride as a member of the school,
  • It instils cohesion and good order within the school,
  • It projects a positive image to the wider community.

School rules on appearance and uniform are outlined below:

Uniform (compulsory):

  • Maroon blazer (with school logo)
  • School tie
  • Plain black “V” neck jumper with school logo (fleeces, sweatshirts, hoodies are not acceptable)
  • White full sleeved shirt
  • Plain black shoes with leather finish (boots, sports shoes, trainer-style, canvas shoes or shoes with a logo are not acceptable)
  • Plain black trousers (tailored fit with a permanent crease). Skinny fit and/or low waist trousers are not acceptable)
  • Plain black socks
  • House badge (supplied by the school)


  • Plain black round neck sweatshirt with school logo
  • Plain black tracksuit top with school logo

PE Kit (compulsory);

This is chosen to be appropriate for the activity, practical and comfortable to wear:

  • White polo shirt with school logo
  • Plain black shorts of longer style covering from navel to knee or plain black tracksuit bottoms
  • Plain white sports socks
  • Trainers (appropriate for use on the Astroturf pitch)
  • Shin guards


  • Hairstyles need to be short and neat without a noticeable difference in hair length.
  • Extreme styles or colours are not allowed.


The following are NOT allowed to be worn inside the school building:

  • Any outer garments such as jackets and coats
  • Any winter accessories such as hats, scarves and gloves

The following items are NOT accepted as part of the school uniform:

  • Hats of any kind
  • Hair accessories such as hair bands, hair clips
  • Jewellery (except wrist watches)
  • Badges (other than school badges)

Pupil Non-Compliance:

  • Teachers can discipline pupils for breaching the school rules on appearance or uniform in accordance to the school’s ‘Behaviour and Discipline’ policy.
  • A pupil will be asked to remove any outer garment or item not accepted as part of the school uniform and it will be confiscated until the end of the day.
  • If a House badge is lost or damaged, the pupil will need to purchase a new one from school. A pupil may not be allowed to take part in a House event, activity or trip if he is not wearing his House badge.
  • If a pupil is not abiding by the ‘School Uniform’ policy, parents/carers will be contacted to remedy a breach of the school’s rules on appearance or uniform by bringing an item of uniform to school or by providing an item of uniform by a date specified by the school.
  • The Head teacher, or staff authorised by the Head teacher, may ask a pupil to go home to remedy a breach of the ‘School Uniform’ policy.
  • Persistent non-compliance may require a pupil to remain at home until the matter is resolved. This will not be recorded as exclusion but, an authorised absence.

However, if the pupil continues to breach the school rules on uniform and appearance in such a way that he chooses to remain home to avoid school, or takes longer than is strictly necessary to effect the change, the pupil’s absence may be counted as an unauthorised absence. In either case, the pupil’s parents/carers will be notified and the absence will be recorded.

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