Islamic Studies at KD is studied at key stages 3 and 4 as a core subject.

The aim of Islamic Studies is to give boys a thorough understanding of the main aspects of their faith. In addition to this, there is a strong focus on the study of the Quran. This includes its recitation with tajweed, memorisation and direct understanding through the development of classical Arabic skills.

The Islamic Studies department caters not just for the academic needs of the boys but also their spiritual well-being and pastoral care.

Key subject aims

  • Study the basic pillars of Islam and, in particular, to elaborate those specific areas
  • Enhance their understanding of Islam by referring them to its traditions, laws, writings and practices
  • Respond to contemporary issues from a Muslim perspective.
  • Develop classical Arabic skills to understand the Quran directly
  • Have a strong connection with the Quran
  • Cultivate self-awareness and self-reflection


Students are assessed by written and oral examinations only. There is no GCSE in the subject however assessments are carried out internally across both key stages.

Wider school participation

The Islamic Studies department plays a critical role in upholding the ethos of the school. Contributions are made from students in liaison with staff to assemblies, enrichment days and seasonal activities such as Ramadan and Hajj. The department also facilitates development of skills and talent for those who show an interest in public speaking, recitation of the Quran and calling the adhan. Workshops are arranged to refine skills and talent and opportunities are given for students to give Jumu’ah khutbahs and recite Quran at special events.

The department also hosts the annual Al-Itqan Quran competition in Ramadan. In addition to cash prizes, the students have benefitted from a number of internationally renowned Quran scholars who attend as guest judges.

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