Life at

KD Grammar

Preparing students for a successful life ahead

Our school takes students on a journey and equips them with essential life skills to become mature, confident and well-balanced young men. A culture of resilience and self-reliance paves the way to achieving excellence in education and future employment.

A broad and varied curriculum is intended to challenge students and enable them to develop as individuals to become the leaders of tomorrow. As they progress through school, they grow into independent, tenacious and outward looking young Muslims. Our experienced teaching staff provides the guidance that students need to perform strongly and fulfil their potential.

We expect the most exemplary standards of conduct and contribution to school society. A comprehensive programme of extra-curricular activities enables students to do this whilst having fun, working as a team, and exploring their own interests in life.

A strong sense of community, both within the school and beyond the classroom, nurtures a spirit of kindness and understanding. KD Grammar students are happy and joyful in their outlook.

The school curriculum encourages students to play an active part in community life, forging links in the local area and contributing to British society. Taking on such responsibility helps them to develop a social conscience and prepares our sons for adult life, higher education and success in their future careers.

Our family of schools in the Manchester Islamic Educational Trust:

Hartley Hall, Alexandra Road South, Manchester, M16 8NH

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