Learning at

KD Grammar

Rich opportunities to achieve academic excellence

We offer a broad and balanced curriculum with strong foundations in English and Mathematics. Students are fully supported to fulfil their potential and achieve academic success.

We expect students to demonstrate a passion for learning and ambition to achieve excellence in their studies. KD Grammar boys are articulate, determined and confident. They become the well-educated role models of their communities.

A diverse and rich curriculum provides memorable experiences and an enjoyable high-quality education. It is designed to provide students with their full learning entitlement and can be customised to meet the changing needs of individuals and groups.

Studies in Computer Science and Business develop technical skills. Creativity is encouraged through Art and Drama, whilst Science builds practical knowledge and an inquisitive mind. European languages. A range of PE and sporting activities are accessible, both within school time, and on an extra-curricular basis.

The majority of boys who join us in Year 7 make exceptional progress and proceed naturally to university degree courses at the age of 18. In 2018, students achieved an 82.6% Grade 4+ GCSE pass rate in English and Maths.

Our family of schools in the Manchester Islamic Educational Trust:

Hartley Hall, Alexandra Road South, Manchester, M16 8NH

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