Art & Design

Pupils at KD Grammar School are introduced to the visual arts and design through exciting, practical and creative projects. They learn about artists, designers, movements and cultural styles whilst exploring a range of ideas and media that result in high quality 2D and 3D outcomes.

Why study this subject?

Art is a creative subject which allows pupils to experiment with a number of different techniques and skills in order to develop a deeper understanding of the world that we live in. In doing so they develop an ability to think critically, analyse and work independently, developing a skill set that would be advantageous in any career.

What we do at KS3

The lower school curriculum introduces a range of techniques and how to control and manipulate media through drawing, painting, print making, graphics and 3D work. Formal elements and key vocabulary are built into their learning and pupils are encouraged to develop independent research and analytical skills through observation and enquiry. During the course they will have the opportunity to take part in cross curricular projects and initiatives.

What we do at KS4

At GCSE we offer the AQA Art and Design course. Pupils study a range of topics designed to extend their creative thinking, ideas and skills. They are encouraged to experiment with media and presentation whilst developing a personal style and response. Pupils produce a portfolio of work that is worth 60% of the marks allocated and respond to an externally set task that is worth 40% of the marks.

In Year 10 during the ‘Introductory Phase’ pupils have the opportunity to visit galleries and museums in order to develop ideas and experiences from primary sources.

How will this help our pupils?

Art is a vast field that we constantly have contact with throughout our daily lives in one way or another – be it architectural buildings to paintings displayed in galleries. The analytical skills and manual dexterity process allows individuals to develop ideas in the study of Art allowing for a deeper understanding of how a creative process is conceived, how it develops and ultimately what it results in. The skills set that pupils develop can lead to exciting, creative careers such as architecture, advertising and graphic design.

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